Our Approach

100% Client Focused.

Providing products and vision with a commonsense approach.

At Ridegell Consulting, we pride ourselves on providing products and vision with a commonsense approach that cuts through all the buzz words and helps you get to an answer we can all understand.

We are 100% client focused in everything we do. We help identify your needs and what it will take to accomplish the end task – achieving the outcomes you are looking for. Our approach is simple – we ask questions and apply our knowledge. 

Using an open communication with you, allows us to fully understand you. The end result is finding the correct solution and support, while helping you plot a course of action.

Technology has changed with amazing speed but many established technology companies providing support and services have not. Companies today need someone to guide them through changes and identify what they need to do about them. Ridegell Consulting provides this support.

Our Three Pillar Approach


Do you have what you need to be successful today and a technology strategy for the future? What should a company really know about the changes in technology and what should they do to stay current and relevant?


Do you have a holistic approach to your technology? How does all the technologies fit together into one coherent solution? How does that work when many services are cloud based or hosted? Am I secure?


How do I plan for the future? What should I keep internal and what should be cloud based or hosted? How do I know if my technology teams are doing the things required to prepare for the future?

Let’s discuss how we can make your business better